Loaning a horse is a wonderful way to experience a relationship with a horse without the responsibility of owning one. If you are interested in loaning, our team will do their best to match you to the most suitable pony! We offer a HALF or FULL loan for our ponies
A “full loan” means the use of the horse for 5 days per week, excluding Saturdays. A full loan is £75 per week. A “half loan” means for the use of the horse 3 days of the week, made up of 2 weekdays and one weekend day. A half loan is £48 per week
The cost of the farrier for hoof trimming or shoes is added to the invoice monthly and varies depending on the type of hoof care required
Please be aware that a number of our ponies already have half loaners, therefore, not every pony is available for a full loan. Loaners should be aware that the horse/pony will be used in lessons. Communication with the staff is advised to avoid disappointment. Sharers should be considerate of the horse/pony's workload and ride accordingly, and we try to make sure that if a pony has been used in a number of lessons in the morning, then they only have light work in the afternoon.